Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a camp for your child is an exciting task!

We understand that you have many questions and you need to feel assured that the decision you make is the right one. Being parents ourselves, we recognize and appreciate the trust you place in us to care for the most important person in the world, your child. 

Below we have put together a comprehensive list of questions and answers in the hope of giving you as much information and clarity as possible. Please read through this list carefully.

Early Bird Registration by Jan 15th, 2024 (-10% off)

A 50% registration fee is required to secure your child’s place for our 2024 Summer Camps. 

Remaining balance: payments to be received by June 15th 2024 latest. 

Absolutely! We offer day camp for children and teens in our Whistler summer camp. 

We highly recommend adding on the overnight camping trips and night activities, as these experiences really add to the summer camp adventure!


It is important your child arrives on time for each day´s scheduled activity, transport to and from camp headquarters must be arranged by parents.

The nearest airport is YVR (Vancouver International Airport). If your child is travelling by plane we offer pick up from the airport for a fee ($170 CAD/$125 USD each way) and same for drop-off. Parents may also bring their kids directly to camp if they wish to.

Visas all depend on what country you come from. For Mexicans, you need a valid USA visa as well as an ETA “visa” (usually less than $15 USD) and is available online here.

Immigration may ask: What camp is your child attending? How long is he there for? Where is he staying? etc.

We’ll be supplying international parents with any instructions and/or phone numbers that may be needed. Our camp staff will be waiting at the airport arrivals gate for your child when they arrive, with phone access to immigration if needed. If your child wants to stay in Canada, they can do so on their tourist visa for up to 6 months. The camp is not responsible for your child after the last day of camp though.

Two kids per room. Rooms are assigned by age and gender. Some kids who are cousins/friends/siblings can request sharing a room. Only they have the codes to their rooms apart from staff.

There is an extra fee of $760 USD per week for a single room.

We have counsellors supervising the halls at night and there is a 24 hour person supervising the entrance and exit to the building along with multiple security cameras. We make sure adult supervisors are available at all times.

The bathrooms are all individual, fully locking and private.

There are about 20 rooms on a floor. The facilities were built for athletes of the 2010 Olympics and there are plenty of bathrooms / showers / toilets per floor.

Bedding, pillows, and towels for showers are provided. We nonetheless recommend that all campers bring an extra personal towel for lake swims.

Yes, a family member can take a camper off site. Signed consent and a visual video call by parents must be made with Epic Camp Staff for this authorization. Also a valid ID of the family member/friend picking up your child must be scanned beforehand and shown at pick up.

We do ask though that the child takes the full day off. As it can be tricky to coordinate returning during different times. However we recommend that campers not do this nonetheless.

Your child will be given access to their phone once per day for phone calls only. This will usually be in the early evenings so expect a call or email from your child at that time. Children may also contact their parents using the camp’s phone or computer.

Parents contacting their children:
For non-emergencies please email [email protected] our staff will pass the message along to your children.

This exercise helps us keep the camp line available for emergency situations, it also helps your children integrate better and faster at camp. You may also request a phone call from your child by email if necessary.

For emergencies please call or email us. The camp line is open 24/7, however please avoid non-emergency calls after 10 pm and before 8 am as our staff also needs a good rest.

Your child does not need any money at camp, but there are opportunities for kids to buy snacks or things in the villages. This is totally up to the parents however we recommend an allowance of $150 CAD/$100 USD approx. per week. Epic Camps staff are not allowed to handle, receive or monitor your child’s money and expenses.

If your child needs extra money, you can send it through the camp via credit card payment, or e-wire transfer. Please contact by email info/[email protected] to coordinate this.

Where can my child keep his money and ID´s safe during the camp?

The lodging is extremely safe, however kids can leave any valuables they would like with staff or the reception.

You can contact your children anytime through counsellors or staff. Our camp is about having all kids connect with nature, activities and other kids. For this to happen we have a “No Phone” policy during the day but will allow your child access to their phone once per day for about 30 minutes usually in the evenings.

Medical insurance is NOT included. Insurance confirmation must be provided by parents and sent to Camp upon registration for our records. Epic Camps reserves the right to deny access to the camp, its activities and lodging any child that does not have proven valid medical insurance coverage. Please make this a priority upon registration.

We have a first class hospital in Whistler that covers full emergencies and has helicopters too.

Whistler Health Care Center
4380 Lorimer Road
Whistler, BC
V8E 1A7
Phone: +1 604-932-4911
Fax: +1 604-932-4992

Most activities take place within 20 minutes of the hospital.
Yes, basic medication will be provided. Counsellors are Wilderness First Aid certified and always have medical kits on them.

While prevention is the best way to keep camp safe, we also regularly practice emergency procedures with the whole camp, ensuring each camper and staff member knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

If any child has an injury that is of the slightest concern, parents are immediately contacted. Most medical things are scrapes and bruises biking, an occasional bee sting, and once in a while a sprained ankle.

In an emergency, parents are immediately contacted once the child has received basic First Aid. If necessary there is a strict protocol to stabilize the camper and get to the emergency room. Any important decision is referred to parents, otherwise, it is the official attending doctor that makes decisions.

We follow all and any Canadian Government protocols. If a child has COVID symptoms a quick pharmacy test will be applied. If they test positive, the child will follow the advice of our local and national government. The child will be moved into a single room and activities limited to reduce risk of transmitting to other kids.

We have a minimum ratio of 1 counsellor per 7 campers. The younger kids have 1:5. The older ones 1:7.

All the counsellors are certified with Wilderness First Aid Training. Some are returning counsellors as well. Background checks are done on all staff as well. Counsellors are either in child education or sports university programs and motivated to take youth on epic adventures.

Yes, your child will be supervised 24/7.

We have an incredible menu prepared on site by a Whistler nutritionist. If your child has any special food needs we can adapt to that. Vegan or gluten free food is available.

There are two sets of activities based on age and abilities. We have a kids program for 9 to 14 year olds and a 15-19 year old programme. There is also a CIT (“Counsellor In Training” programme for future camps) for 17 – 19 year olds. Should your child be interested please let us know.
If your child desires to leave early he must contact the camp Director and approval must be given by the parents.
We check-in your child at the Airport flight gate and then have the airline accompany them to the gate. Be sure that the unaccompanied minor fee is paid in advance with your airline (if applicable).

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